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Want more comments on your blog?  Then don’t prevent people from commenting!

It is very odd that I should be posting on this, since I get very little traffic, but despite all the blog-centrism out there, there are quite a few blogs that miss out on lots of good comments.

Why? Because they have overly restrictive comment systems.

I have a bunch of sites RSS’d: Markco, Gevlon, Cold, Wes, Anaalius, and others.  Some of them are open to comments (some filter before posting), others, shockingly, appear to be but are not.

The primary purpose of creating restrictions, it seems to me, is to avoid spam or undesirable comments.  But there are tools out there to do this that don’t muzzle people.  For instance, those “type out this phrase” keys, or a requirement that an administrator approve a post before it is released to the blog.

No, the problem I’m talking about is sites that don’t even allow you to submit a comment in the first place.  I routinely find myself wanting to respond to a post, or forgetting and actually drafting a detailed comment, only to realize that the blog demands closed-system IDs to post.  What I mean is that they require you to have an account with a small set of specific providers (e.g. Google, Typepad,, etc.).

The thing is, I have my own site, my own e-mail, a wordpress ID (but not a blog), and I even registered with one of the sites that automatically pulls your “universal icon” (Gravatar) when you post a comment on someone’s site.  But on some blogs, including some of the better ones, that isn’t good enough.  They require you to set up yet another account with another provider just to comment.  So far, jumping through those hoops just hasn’t been worth it – and I’m sure they are not worth it for many other blog visitors as well.

The net results: these blogs miss out on lots of comments and traffic.

I’m not even sure the blog owners are aware of this…if so, hopefully you’ll see this post!



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