Musings on minting money on Malygos…and more

Finding a present in the Auction House

So I’m checking the AH for herbs a couple of weekends ago.  Look what I found!

A stack of Dreaming Glory for under 15g.  But it wasn’t just one stack – there were a dozen!

For under 180g, I got herbs worth 1,800g

(60 inks = 20 high value glyphs @ 90g/glyph on our server)

A no-risk, 1,600g purchase (or giveaway, depending on how you look at it!).

Thank you, Farguerix!

There could be several reasons people might put up a firesale.  1) They don’t know the market price. 2) They are making space.  3) They are selling stuff off in a rush for some reason, and just want it to move no matter what.  And there is >gasp< 4) They object to the high AH price and are listing low out of spite.  I have witnessed this.  These people are idiots.

If there are 20-30 goods you routinely check, you should get opportunities like this on a regular basis.  I find that something like this comes up every week, though rarely as juicy and as low-risk as this.

Happy AHing!

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