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And now, 30% more Uldum!

30% more Uldum? “Surely, there’s a catch?” you may ask.

The idea for this theme was brought to you by today’s shower. Know how people say they thought of something in their sleep, or in the shower? Yes, this time it was the shower.

Moving on, getting to the point….

Thread #1

Yesterday someone in /1 asked “What professions are good paired with mining, besides jewelcrafting and blacksmithing?”

“Engineering,” someone replied.

“Herbalism,” I said. I made another short comment, then I tried to explain, but the game gave me a message saying that a limited number of messages could be sent to /1. Come again?

[I mean, that might actually be a good feature for /2, where people are recruiting non-stop or making serial anal linkage comments, but why limit messages in /1?]

So I never got to explain why the answer to the question is “Herbalism.”

I really am getting to the point. Or will get there soon…

Thread #2

I decided to wake up this morning and do a little Whiptail farming in Uldum, to see if the rumors circulating the Goldblogosphere of increased respawn rates were true. I popped through the Uldum portal for the first time, flew over to the whiptail zone and “Mamma mia!” three yellow dots on my map. Awesome!

Not so fast. I flew down and looked in horror as the two whiptail nodes had characters on them, like bees on flowers. I flew to the next dot, yet a third toon picking pollen. Crud. I guess the word got out.

But wait! Another yellow dot. Elementium. And no one there to grab it but yours truly.

I decided to fly the less nodely populated routes, and I think that was a reasonable decision. I herbed and mined for twenty minutes or so, with modest success for my effort.

Putting the threads together…

So here’s where “30% more Uldum” comes in (finally!). If all you have is Herbalism, that’s all you have. When you’re farming, you have to skip over ore nodes, plus you’re at the mercy of competitive herbalists. Most folks pair professions poorly, though, and don’t have Herbalism and Mining on the same toon. With both skills, you pick up nodes at a faster rate – it’s that simple.

True, by mining as well, you’re probably giving up about 10% of your herbing speed (ignoring ore and flying herb-heavy routes), but overall, you’re probably picking up 30% more stuff – including more the valuable volatiles that come from mininig. Now, these percentages are “off the cuff,” but I’ve been doing this for a while, and they’re fairly intuitive (if you have more scientific numbers, let me know!).

The bottom line: If you’re not double-gathering, you’re missing out. After you start, you’ll wonder why you wasted all that time farming with a single gathering profession. And you don’t have to miss the “complementary” professions, either: just develop those on other toons!

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