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Dungeoneering Guide – Quick flip

This past week I’ve flipped 3-4 Dungeoneering Guides (so far).  This would deserve a “so what?”, except that there’s a useful tip in here… I think…

Because this craftable offers 5 inscription points, scribes just make them to level then toss them in an undercutting war into the AH.  On our server, it got to where all 5-6 of the listings ranged around 200-250g.

However, mat costs are pretty high for this craftable: about 1,300g on our server at the moment.

So I promptly bought them all and relisted one at 800g; it sold within hours.  I have since sold another at 600g, another at 300g+, and can’t recall but think I sold a fourth at some point.  Since my first purchase (and sales success), I have bought others cheaply as well.

The only reason I bothered with a pricey item like this I know the cost of replacing it is much higher than where I am pricing it.

Sure, others may have extra guides ready to re-list, but I bought them so cheaply it took just a couple of sales to recoup my costs.  And I’m positive I’ll be able to sell the rest at a decent profit within a reasonable timeframe.

Can you think of other pricey items like this that flood the market far below cost due to leveling?  Let me know!

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