Musings on minting money on Malygos…and more

‘Splain this to me…

So everyone is drooling for 4.1 information. What’s new with the patch?…where’s the money to be made?…should I be tanking? Speaking of tanking, I entered the queue as DPS last night and waited just 8 minutes.  I hope it lasts, but for now, for all the qqers that whined about how the new Call to Arms feature would a) not work and/or b) be unfair…choke on it!

Eight minutes as DPS. Good stuff, Blizz!

(Disclosure: I ended up zoning in to a group that had wiped on a boss and we proceeded to wipe a few more times and give up. Then it was time for bed. But that is beside the point!! 8 minutes!)

Tonight, the wait was just 14 minutes.

I may have to eat my words yet, but it’s looking promising so far. ;)

But I digress. I am going to ignore all 4.1 stuff for (the rest of) this post and serve you up a question and a tip. Nothing earthshattering at all, don’t get your hopes up. Set the bar low. Real low.. It’s just a vexing question to me, and perhaps, just perhaps, a profitable little observation for some of you.

I’ve been bleating about Snowfall Ink over the past several months. And no, I’m not suggesting you go out there and make it / buy it / flip it – it just isn’t in as much demand anymore. But I’m still sitting on 30 or more stacks of the stuff, and glyphmaking will continue to generate a steady supply, so I will continue to list the stuff for the foreseeable future, I reckon. The server glyph-lords will also be generating their own supply, so I can’t count on being the last-seller standing due to the size of my stash.

Case in point, there’s one (1) competitor out there who keeps 30 to 60 singles on sale at all times, in the 5g-7g range. I just ignore him and keep 2-5 stacks listed at different price points, as often as I can. I list them selectively at 279g, 299g, 399g, and usually even price one at 499g or 599g (I should be so lucky, those rarely ever sell).

At any rate, I’m listing mine at a much higher price than the singles.

And yet, once or twice a week, a stack will sell. Sometimes even for 399g. Yet there are still plenty of singles there. I’ve sold a couple of stacks this week already.

My question to you all is, why does this happen, exactly? I guess it has either something to do with individuals seeing the stacks but not the singles (something to do with the AH interface, or because they whipped past the singles to “save time”?), or less likely, that they are just really bad at math?

I mean, I personally will pay a slight premium for stacks over singles (e.g., I’ll buy large clumps of volatiles at 10g30s instead of buying dozens of singles at 10g) – my time IS that valuable – but pay 2X, 3X as much??

Got an explanation?

[Some items are more valuable when sold in volume – value beyond just the convenience factor – reputation items such as Marks of Sargeras, for instance. After all, if the volume isn’t there, you can’t buy enough to hit the next level of reputation…buying a modest number of singles would be a waste of time. But there is no similar rationale for Snowfall Ink – not when there are fifty singles available.]

The good news is the phenomenon is there. Take advantage of it. Let me know also if you know of other items where you have found this to be true.


  1. Convenience. That’s pretty much it. People would rather buy stacks then buy 60 singles of something.

    On that note, it greatly annoys me when people sell herbs in singles.

  2. I get the convenience angle. I just figure there’s a spectrum from ‘always broke’ to greedy goblin bastard who will handle singles to pay 120g / stack instead of 300g / stack, and the sliver of folks who throw money away and have plenty of it can’t be that big (they wouldn’t have plenty for long!).

    I was hoping you’d tell me it was an interface quirk.

    Speaking of having to buy herbs in singles, there’s a mailbox feature in one of my add-ons that opens up all your mail automatically (I think it’s in Auction Profit Master but am not 100% sure). Sure speeds things up a lot. It can even be configured to mail items automatically to other toons – e./., herbs to your alchemist, etc. Not a tip for veterans, I know.


  3. There is only one time when I get that stupid with my gold and it is when I am power-leveling a profession in one sitting. My guess is there is sone spot in the Inscription leveling process where Snowfall Ink is needed.

    Either they already bought out the singles and need more or they just want to get past that part as quickly as possible.

    There also might not be enough Northrend herbs on the AH to allow them to make enough Snowfall Ink to get them to the Cata section of Inscription leveling.

    This matches up with your statement that it is sporadic. (Just when a person is leveling.)

    That’s my best guess.

  4. It’s all about humans not being rational beings, despite trying to live the opposite… Convenience was already mention, so I thought I’d mention plain stupidity! :P

    PS: It’s actually the first time I’ve been to this site. I just wanted to say that I’ve never seen a smilie-graphic with a border until this day. Looks kind of strange, somehow…

  5. @fluxdada – good points, hadn’t thought of the leveling angle.

    @Vayaz – yeah, boxed happy faces is what happens when you only have rudimentary knowledge of html and you’re using a master template designed by somebody else.

    I know just enough to be dangerous, but nowhere near enough to fix things up or make them look beautiful.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. “There are two things that are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the universe.” Einstein

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