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Two-for-Tuesday OT Bonus Post!: Call to Arms bait and Warrior “pug greeting” macros

Here’s a second, “bonus post” for the day.  Don’t get used to it.  The subject ain’t goldmaking either.  I’m just using the soapbox to chew prosaic wax, share experiences and thoughts, and fish for reactions…


I tanked for our small guild in early Wrath, performed reasonably well, then hit the ilvl 200 gear wall and shifted to other toons for most of that expansion.

In Cata, tanking had not been on my priority list; it was finally put there by Call to Arms and the associated anticipatory ripples in the blogosphere.  I figured it gave me the perfect excuse (kick in the pants?) to dust off the meatshield and level him up to 85.  Unlike my three other 85 toons, I fueled most of my 80-85 journey through LFG.  I needed the practice!

Some observations…

First, it wasn’t that painful.  True, I had to deal with folks who don’t know moon means sheep (and if necessary, re-sheep)…and go-go Recount-no-Omen Wrath babies, who prejaculate their AOE before I even have the mobs’ attention.

But things generally ran smoothly.  Call it 30 minutes per instance, most of the time, and by the time I got closer to 85, generally no wipes and only the occasional DPS death.  Usually due to failure to gtfootf, or because a dpser wanted to tank so badly, I’d let them.

Anyway, I dinged 85 yesterday, threw on some gear I had saved up, bought/crafted some more items and lo and behold, I was ilvl 339 with no cheating, all tanking gear, gemmed, enchanted, and appropriately reforged.  I then got called to arms and tanked my first heroic.  It went like clockwork.  My tanking reward: chump change and a Dream Emerald.  Ubermeh.

It’s all good, though: my repair bill was only 4g and change.  By contrast, my first and so far only Zul’Aman run – on my fury warrior, a 3h15min pug that chewed through 5 tanks, 4 healers, and about a dozen dps, I kid you not! – cost around 120g in repairs iirc.  Yes, I have two 85 warriors.


I plan to tank a bunch more to get more practice with heroics, not to mention the instances I haven’t done as much.

In order to save myself some time and aggravation, I’ve developed some macros for my upcoming heroic puggery.  They took time to craft, and I’m expecting they’ll be useful, so I figured I’d share them with you all.  Hopefully some of you pugging with warrior tanks can get some mileage out of them.

Here they are, forthwith:

“Well met, fellow puggers!  Warriors require rage to build and hold aggro…but unlike mana, our rage pool starts empty.  We’ll finish fastest if you humor me with a very slow 5-count so I can round up mobs and build aggro.  This way, we’ll see fewer strays, fewer unfortunate deaths, and less downtime since healing me is easiest on our healer’s mana.”

“Interrupts and CC are helpful!  Pre-heals and bubbles are discouraged, since they may draw aggro and reduce my rage.  I’m happy to do my job and lay down my life for you all, though chasing mobs all over creation because folks are flooring the damage meter will get old, fast.”

“TLDR: if you’re in a rush to tank, I won’t get in the way. If you already know all this, great!  I’m looking forward to taking a beating for you.”



  1. I’m interested to hear how your groups will react to your macros. Maybe I always get the short straw, but most of my groups contain jerks. :(

    • Ha! I didn’t have the courage (and want to spare the 5 minutes to make them) last night. Probably should have, though. What an awful pug. Healer had 6 resilience pieces and was burning through 2/3 of his mana in 10 seconds of fighting, no joke. And despite my asking them to hold off for a few seconds, it was the usual blame-the-tank-fest. Things got better when the healer died a second time and dropped group…the second healer’s mana bar didn’t even budge on most trash.

      I will give the macros a shot, though, and report back.

  2. Hey M

    as you might already know I am a tank myself and really love to tank. So first one or two tips before the usual rant^^

    Maybe you can create a macro in which you explain what signs mean, e.g. moon=sheep etc Because I had a dispute recently with one of my guild mates about the meaning of certain signs. In his opinion sheep is shackle…
    I had such a macro but it got lost in the cataclysm :P

    When Blizzard introduced the tank bribe aka “Call to arms” I admit I was tempted to do a PUG but I just couldn’t force myself to queue up. I had so many bad experiences in recent and older history which made me worry to lose my love for tanking. I consider myself not to be the best tank but certainly not the worst. I did a lot of soloing, tanked almost every boss in the game (most of them when the content was up-to-date) and my play my class for over 5 years. But after most of the PUGs I experienced I wanted to throw my shield away.
    What I hate most is DDs pulling all the time because they think it’s not going fast enough. This stresses me, since I have to get aggro on the mob, and it stresses the healer who tries to heal the dumbass. I try to chainpull whenever possible but always with an eye on my healers mana. When you run with a guild group mana isn’t a real issue anymore, but everytime I join a PUG with my healing gf she wastes so much mana on fire-dancing monkeys I have to stop here and there for here to regain mana.
    I would like to have fun, and running in a pug (especially ZG/ZA) isn’t fun for me, therefore the bribe ain’t high enough for me to queue up. Probably if they add Invincible or Ashes of Alar to the loot table of the satchel…. xD

    In the end I usually wrote in /p “if you (DD) find the aggro, keep it and handle it. you won’t be healed and I won’t taunt. When you are dead I will get the aggro anyway”

    arthasdklol has left the group


    • @Jinx – Three nights at 85 and I’ve tanked about 5 heroics.

      First, I’m shocked at how many mages don’t sheep the moon. I mean, they don’t know to, and even when I request it, they don’t bother.

      Second, “fire dancing monkeys”? That is priceless.

      Third, my biggest beef remains a complete inability of the dps to wait 5 seconds. Drives me nuts when I haven’t established aggro and every mob but the one I’m hitting just peels off and goes after the dps. And yeah, I thunderclap.

      Nothing useful off the satchels yet.

  3. LOL I can’t possibly respond how I’d like to from this cell phone… It will have to wait until tonight.

  4. As the name suggests, I mainly play a hunter. Fire dancing monkeys made me fall off my chair laughing. I too have had a 2 and a half ZG dungeon, that went through about 18 different people. If targets are marked, the only thing I do before the tank let’s go is hunters mark. If a trap is in order, I make sure people are ready before I shoot. It just seems common sense to me, but from my experience, that is lacking in a lot of pugs.

    • Thanks for your thsgohtu. It’s helped me a lot.

    • I knew I should have been sficipec, I was directing this only at melee. The GCD for us is constant: 1 or 1.5 seconds depending on class. The caster GCD changes because otherwise 1.5 second casts would effectively not benefit from haste. I only know of one casted melee ability: slam.

    • He might be just starting on silk, but he’s caeppd at 20, so he won’t be getting much higher.@Tesh: It doesn’t seem like a pick on hunters, just that specific player. He could have been a rogue and it would stand.

    • Salut Jaxques.Mon long silence est dû à un cancer…je subis chimio et bientôt intervention…Ce sera long, je viens sur le web très rarement mais j’approuve ce que vous écrivez!**********************Cher Marco,Merci de votre approbation. J’étais effectivement très surpris de votre silence.Alors, en toute amitié, je vous souhaite bon courage pour l’épreuve que vous traversez. jf.

    • I am forever indebted to you for this information.

    • Heckuva good job. I sure appreciate it.

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