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WoWflation May 2011: meh

The WoWflation index was fairly flat (up just under 3% from April to May), particularly when you consider we had the influx of 4.1 activity.  Index up from 145 to 148.

  • Vanilla prices dropped sharply over the past month, and are now even with pre-Cata levels
  • BC prices rose slightly, not as high as several months ago, but are above pre-Cata levels
  • Wrath prices continue to rise, and are now triple where they were pre-expansion
  • Cata prices have dropped 40% since February (and presumably even farther since the crazy early Cata days).

Anecdotally, the 2-3 weeks pre 4.1 were the best I have seen as a glyph seller.  Glyph mats were under 20g and I was seeing my sales creep up to an astonishing 80-100g average.  The margins were huge.

Unfortunately, the late-Wrath / early-Cata spoilsport who insisted on pushing the market to the sub-20g range, and who had disappeared for 3 months, has returned.  Double-fooey.

With the shiny sheen of 4.1 losing luster, I’m expecting a sharp drop in prices as demand slows.  I’m also seeing large volumes of farmed materials hitting the market: 250 stacks of Elementium Ore, anyone?  That’s almost an entire guild bank worth of ore. Who but a paid farmer would do such a thing?


  1. I’d like to see a post of your take on things one should stockpile for 4.2. I’ve already started stockpiling many things and wondered what your ideas are on the subject. It seems timely.

    • Since I can never guarantee being around during a patch-induced window to shovel my goods into the AH, stockpiling isn’t something I’ve ever seriously looked into…yet. I’m sure if you know what you are doing, you could make a killing. So far, though, the day in, day out stuff has worked well enough for me.

      Other folks seem much more eager to find the next “tulip” than I, be it a recipe of glyph or pet that has temporarily disappeared, or a risky bet on pyrium in hopes of making a killing on epic gems. I’d just read the patch notes and commentary and prognostications, and make sure to have some inventory so I’m not caught flat footed!

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