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WoWflation July: Prices on a summer run

All expansion prices increased this month, led by BC (+64%) and Wrath (+36%).  Cata prices were up 21% and Vanilla prices nudged up a couple of points.

Overall, the index jumped a whopping 32%.  Not really buying Cold’s theory that summer kiddies means more competition.  Methinks it leads to more demand.


  1. Hiya.

    I am currently looking for something similar to this for darkmoon cards. Did you manually capture this information or have you been able to extract it from somewhere (possibly undermine journal files?)

    I had a look at the undermine journal, and it only has a short window of data available.

    Is there any chance that you have historical pricing for the cata trinkets (or know where I can get it?)


    • Sorry Foo, I don’t. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone knows a source for or has captured the data you’re after, though I can’t think of a source myself (I make a note to grab TUJ data each month, and get price by price for a specific day and time – my first few posts go over the methodology).

      Love your blog, was reading it today.

  2. Wouldn’t the price of elementium ore and inferno rubies be correlated with each other? And if so how do you compensate for this in the index.

    • Interesting point. Where were you when I was putting the index together?

      Elementium ore has many uses, and prospecting it yields 12 different kinds of gems. On Malygos, the price of Infernos and their cuts has more than doubled since 4.2, but Elementium hasn’t followed suit.

      It would perhaps have made sense not to include both in the Index, though.

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