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Comment Corner v.1

This post was initially drafted months ago, but I never got around to posting.  I’ve decided to resurrect and launch it because there’s a whole bunch of morsels for thought in here.  Apologies in advance for the fact that it’s “dated,” but some of the insights hold, imo.


I frequently ask myself if I’ll run out of things to blog about.  Despite my misgivings, I have somehow persisted and it looks like I have a regular supply of thoughts.  As long as I have a muse, I’ll keep going.

Often, though, I have thoughts but no unifying theme, or deep conclusion.  Comment Corner is for those times.  This will be where I respond to other goldblogosphere posts.

(The other reason to do this is that some of the blogs out there, as I have pointed out before, don’t allow open posting – posting is restricted only to those with accounts.)

In sum, Comment Corner is the kitchen drawer on this site, where I will respond to things I read out there, agreeing, disagreeing, poking holes, mocking, and congratulating.

Time to get started.


1.1 – [Old news now, but] Congratulations, Azuriel!  Azuriel of Player vs. Auction House hit 500K (almost two months ago).  Faid of Nerf Faids hit 750K. And Nev of Auction House Addict hit the gold cap.

1.2 – Wes of Capped by Cata suggested Wrath mat prices are up because of a “lull in content” which is driving people to leveling (and hence driving up mat prices).  I disagree.  It’s because Wrath mat stockpiles are drying up, imo.

1.3 – (non gold comment) Gevlon “recently” posted about the add-on “Healers Have to Die.” It puts a big fat “+” sign over the heads of all the healers.  Makes them easy to target in BGs.  It will even chime when you tab-target a healer!  My sorries to the healers out there, but it is quite helpful for slow people like me.  That plus it’s a mean, mean add-on that appeals in a delightful, devilish way.

1.4 – I don’t raid, but Big Bear Butt has had an awesome write-up on raiding (a few months back), for those interested in flinging themselves into it.

1.5 – Cold “yesterday” suggested folks go into BGs and sabotage their side by shuffling instead of fighting, because greedy goblins don’t need friends.  What a terrible, terrible idea.  Just because there may be no consequence to following his advice, doesn’t keep it from being terribly wrong and unbelievably selfish.  One person can easily make or break a BG result.

Imo: an AH pwning machine and a PvP AHole can (should) be mutually exclusive.

1.6 – Today, Cold struck out against powerleveling professions.  Though I agree that if you hit a bottleneck and are buying mats to power through an ugly skill point bottleneck, it can be expensive, working it through “the long way” (i.e., slowly, skilling up slower by making stuff you can sell and trying to turn the process into a money maker instead of an expense) is generally far worse.  It just wastes time.

Like the goblin says, “Time is money, friend.”  When it comes to powerleveling professions, it is generally not worth trading away time to save money.  (I’m assuming here that you’re not broke.)

Is it possible to design a profession leveling path that allows you to make valuable items so you end up profiting from the leveling process rather than paying for it?  Perhaps.  But I say, any serious time devoted to that process is for chumps.  Just google a couple of profession leveling paths – benefiting from the time, consideration, and generosity that other people have put in – and max that profession quickly.  So it costs a bit?  Imo you’ll make way more money with the time you save.

My recent profession powerleveling experience was dropping mining and picking up alchemy on a second toon.  I’m pretty sure I spent just a couple of hours to max it out, buying mats to do it.  It probably cost me several thousand gold (somewhere between 2k and 5k, iirc), but I didn’t bother keeping track because it didn’t seem like I was paying through the nose.  Some professions are more expensive to level, for sure, but the principle is the same, imo, except where prices are so outrageous it makes more sense to go track them down yourself.  I submit that this is far less often than you might think.

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