Musings on minting money on Malygos…and more

Don’t be this guy

I don’t get why people deliberately leave a lot of money on the table.  Take a look at this.

The Abyss Crystal market on Malygos has been a 20g+ market for months now.  Yes, I have been lucky and found some for 10-15g over the past month, but the opportunity is pretty rare.  But 5g per crystal, and almost a whole stack?  He’s asking for 100g for something worth 400g…and not even getting the benefit of an immediate sale.

Don’t be this guy.


  1. Just buy it out and repost it

  2. Next lets discuss the people who post glyphs for 3 silver…

  3. You post a whole stack because you don’t want someone to buy it. You then set the price really low because most of the time someone will undercut you. Now you buy there auctions, cancel your own and repost for a higher price. Crashing markets is the easiest way to get goods cheap.

  4. Great comments.

    @Anon – Yes, that would make a quick 300g. But in reality, they’re selling for 100g something worth 1000g.

    I tend to pursue options b and c instead.
    b: wait until there are few listings and list a stack for 990g. The current selling “range” is really 20g-50g, even though the listings appear to say the market price is 20g. When pickings are slim, I can get 1000g a stack if I am patient.

    For the same rough return, I’d turn those (with other lesser value mats I have lots of) into two Berserking scrolls. Those go for 500g each.

    @Jafo – 3 silvers for a glyph? I wish. But 3g does happen from time to time. Not too often, though. Anyone with the balls to enter the glyph market doesn’t usually do things like that. Unless (I’m guessing here) they thought it would be profitable, then got thoroughly discouraged by aggressive competitors, and are selling at firesale prices (stupidly) out of spite. If only they knew that being a glyph marketeer is a bit like being a hyena at a carcass. Why? If you happen to be the guy who camp the market all day, you get to be the lion. But even with a lion there, hyenas can pick at the market and make money. Roughly speaking, I spend 1-2 hours a week (re)listing glyphs, and making new high-value ones as necessary – and typically get around 5-12k for my troubles.

    @Gator – interesting thought that. I’ve been seeding the relics of ulduar market as you describe, but I see some fundamental differences:

    1. Seeding makes a lot more sense when you are actually seeding within the current selling range. 5g is NOT in the current selling range. Anyone who uses crystals knows that and will buy those up in a heartbeat.

    2. Listing an entire stack won’t dissuade most goblins, since the stack only costs 100g. In fact, that’s all the more reason to buy the stack immediately.

    3. Abyss crystals are a common and necessary mat used by many.

    For these reasons, “seeding” in those volumes makes no sense. I could see someone listing one or two at 10g in the hopes of drawing others, but I think that’s a losing proposition as well.

    Relics, on the other hand, have proven very good as a garden. Why?

    4. Since they are still abundant (unlike Abyss Crystals), the “standard” selling range is typically 40s to 1g80s. Seeding a stack of 20 at 51s is not offering people a chance to buy “below market” to make a quick buick.

    5. Seeding in this way only risks 10g. In fact, most of the time, my Relics get bought out so I am unable to harvest anything!

    6. Regardless, outcomes are often good. No one else is playing this market, so when I get back 9g81s because my 20 relics sold, I often get ~293g from selling a stack of 200 at the same time. Other times, my relics haven’t sold, but they have yielded fruit in the form of cheaper listed relics. I can frequently harvest 100 or more at under 51s each. I am playing within the range.

    If you can think of other markets where there’s a nice fat profit range and little competition, please let me know!

  5. Flips… buy savage leather/heavy and then pristine hides…
    or frozen orbs and get your volatile flip on…

    sell in the correct stack size and single…
    Pristine hides.. 8 are needed for the new FL paterns….

    Rarely undercut the lowest price.. Use auctionator and undercut where the market has a large number of them… I run auctionator in parallel w/ auctioneer for this very reason. Disable and turn off all its AH scan and database stuff, keep only one day of history… IMO its pretty terrible and often misleading compared to the data in auctioneer scans, but for buying and selling manually.. IMO its superior… way superior

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