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WoWflation September – Bucket ‘o salt

Ok, on Foo’s request, here’s September about a week or two earlier than I was ‘planning’ to get around to it…

Note: I have hidden columns so it could fit.  In a future version, perhaps I can have a full picture you can click to.

I say “Bucket ‘o salt” in the title because for Vanilla and BC, prices were very inconsistent.  If the Monday 9pm price I look at is not representative of what the 2-week picture looks like, I hunt for a more “representative” price either before (12 hrs, 24 hrs) or after.  I had to do this a lot this time.

Cata prices, however, were more consistent and definitely down.

Imo, what is happening here is that Cata prices continue to drop as we stretch into the “new” expansion, while the cost of obtaining old expansion mats keeps going up (stockpiles being used up, folks still better off farming Cata stuff).  Also, I’m seeing some clear differences by item type: cloth is becoming more expensive, while herbs are dropping in price.  Makes sense as glyph demand is likely tapering, while demand for cloth (for bandages and first aid and tailoring leveling) probably outpaces supply.

Overall, the index was up 12 points, but it was clearly split: Vanilla and Cata items got cheaper, while BC and Wrath became more expensive.



  1. Thanks for this.

    I know that it will modification your method of determining prices, but one option is to use the Mean price, from something like Undermine Journal Herbs Caelestrasz Alliance, replacing the faction and realm to be your base realm.

    Or even drill down to each individual item and use the US mean for the relevant faction.

    It might be easier than your current method?

    But then, as far as this goes, I’m just the peanut gallery. Your creating meaningful numbers out of raw data.

    • Methodology is tricky. What I like about TUJ is that you can see the available price, and what it was in the week before and after – so it is easy to see whether a price is representative of the period, or if it’s just some random fluke that distorts the true picture. The problem with means is that they can end up heavily distorted by listing behavior.

      One thing I know: next time I put together an index, there will be more minds available to make it better.

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