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Glyphs that suck

Imo, warlock glyphs have the highest suckage quotient.

(Foo echoed my mind in a recent post where he ascribed “half-assed” value to Glyph of Voidwalker; had me smiling out loud and I finally dusted off this draft for posting.)

Exhibit A:

When I first started getting into glyphs – just as Cata launched – I had made a habit of buying out cheap glyphs to price them higher.

Generally speaking, this is a pretty solid strategy.  Some people are happy to part with a 1g-2g profit, but they eventually go away, and I’m back to my 10g-190g profit per glyph.  So I’ll happily buy their glyphs.

For some sad glyphs, however, this is a bad idea.

I have about 20 stacks of a select handful of glyphs in my bank, glyphs I may never sell because:

a) I already have a bunch in my bags

b) Their prices suck so I don’t bother posting them – hence they never go away

(I pretty much never post glyphs for under 10g, and I never used to post under 20g unless I had more than 2.  Though now that my costs have dropped, I will list under 20g.)


c) For some reason, people keep crafting more and listing them

I presume the people who are still making these glyphs are noob scribes that are just making a bunch of glyphs without realizing their making duds for markets that are always flooded.  Or glyphmakers that are operating on such a large scale they just make a bunch of everything, even stuff that won’t sell.

On a good day in Malygos, and by bottom feeding, one can get Wrath/Cata herbs in volume for about 25g per stack.  Assuming you drink Inferno Ink (i.e., ascribing no value to it), that’s about 12.5g per glyph in production costs.

[Truth is, Snowfall and Inferno Inks basically pay for the herbs by themselves.  Which means that my materials cost of making glyphs, time aside, could be thought of as zero... shhhhhhhh don’t tell ANYONE. ]

Regardless, time isn’t free, so making/listing glyphs that sell under 2g makes no sense.  Anyone who has been in the glyph business for more than a month and makes Glyph of the Voidwalker ought to have their head examined.  Just sayin’.

My recommendations for the Glyph Hall of Shame:

Druid: Maul, Starfire
Hunter: Freezing Trap
Paladin: Consecration
Rogue: Sap
Shaman: Lightning Bolt, Frost Shock
Warlock: Voidwalker, Soulstone, Imp, yadayada
Warrior: Sunder Armor, Cleave

The biggest coup is when you can buy two stacks for under 30g, then list a few at 198g and actually get someone to buy before someone else tries to unload their glyphs at 2g.  And the downside is, you then have two stacks and what do you do with them?  The upside, of course, is you just made a quick 150g.

Though I will buy underpriced glyphs that I run across while trying to list mine, because I no longer craft anything currently listed under 40g, there are probably a bunch of real duds that I naturally avoid by virtue of my cherrypicking manufacturing process.  Focusing on replenish high-value glyphs doesn’t maximize my profits, but it optimizes my money/effort ratio and sure spares aggravation.  And it’s profitable enough.

If you know of some real crap glyphs I should add to my list, let me know.  (You know the ones I’m talking about.  They’re listed for under 3g right now, and there are piles of them.)  I should probably put them up in my permacontent as a public service.


This next pic has nothing to do with glyphmaking, it was a surprise ending to an EotS battle.  Spot the score underneath my messy UI:

Notice there’s no victory announcement.

Happy AHing!


  1. Yes I agree Voidwalker exists to … teach ah players not to simply buy everything for relisting; and to ensure that there are cheap glyphs for levelling toons. I think there is a scribe levelling section that is easiest to cross with Voidwalker.

    However, no. Snowfall/Inferno inks might pay for your time milling herbs, but they do not make ink of the sea/blackfallow ‘free’.

    If they are free, I will hapily pay you something for them – making your inks worth something.

  2. No thank you! It’s free in quotes…the inferno cover your COGS. Of course you maximize profits out of all the pieces.

    If your primary business was crafting profitable items from inferno inks, you’d be able to use your byproduct (Blackfallow) to craft glyphs at 100% margin. Course I’m not going to give the blackfallow away – I’ll pawn it all off at 12-15g a pop in the form of glyphs.

    The bottom line is that the overall margins of the business are pretty sick – even when pricing is in the toilet. It’s the time requirement that is the big hurdle. Imo.

  3. Oh yeah – totally agree with your list.
    I made a bunch of glyph sets without checking (was making sets for the guildies and extras to sell) and I’ve stumbled upon the bad ones. Total noob mistake – I was thinking productivity for the guild achievement.
    Can’t remember the specific ones, but I had a handful of paladin and druid ones that were always under 10g, alongside the lock ones of course.

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