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  1. Unlpaallered accuracy, unequivocal clarity, and undeniable importance!

  2. It was March 2000 and the Y2K Millennium bug had just come and gone without idnniect and I was unemployed. I had recently been terminated from my job as a regional branch manager due to a corporate buyout and I suddenly found myself looking for my first real job since college four years earlier. On a cold spring day, I had just interviewed with a French company for an outside sales role selling postage meters truly was not excited about the prospect of driving building to building every day and cold calling office managers.I made an appointment with a temp agency and met with one of their new direct hire recruiters. She had been in her job for less than three days and one job req. It was for an internal branch manager position running their staffing office. She was over the top excited and her enthusiasm was magnetic. By the time I left their office, I was scheduled to interview for the the role and had visions of staffing stuck in my head! However, the only problem with this was that I didn’t know anything about staffing and was supposed to interview the next morning with the Regional Vice President.I met my potential new boss the next morning. Adecco Staffing had just purchased Olsten Staffing and she was the new Regional Vice President over 27 branches and needed someone to run the warehouse district of Denver, CO. She offered me the job; I accepted and began to learn what recruiting was about. People have asked me over the last eleven years why staffing and my response has always been that it was because I was simply closer to all of the open jobs on the market. I was with Adecco for 14 months and ended up running four branches and two onsite facilities after the first nine months. I loved my job, but didn’t care for the commercial staffing side very much. Mostly, I was in love with the higher level processes and RFP’s that we were writing and some of the strategic staffing solutions that we were providing in the marketplace. At the end of fourteen months, I was managing over $20 million in sales and was a master at RFP writing (or so I thought).Then I got the call… “Can I get you to look at a professional opportunity with a fast growth recruiting organization that is looking for a leader to grow their local market?”After three high-level interviews, I accepted the role and dove into the full contact sport of professional recruiting with a growing finance and accounting organization.…more to follow…

  3. What a neat article. I had no inkling.

  4. You’ve talked about your shiny toy guns love before and having seen them live before — I can tell you that you’re in for a treat.But then you add on some love for Orgy. I always considered them a guilty pleasure — especially because I really liked the music but wasn’t always attracted to the lyrics about how much of a bummer it is to date runway models.

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