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Turning dirt into gold

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but OMG: Eternal Earth.

This past week they have sold quite well.

Others often sell at 5-15g on my server these days, but I just wait for the high-priced sales, and I’m now routinely getting quite a few.  In a MySales check this morning I counted 4,500 in net sales for 12 stacks and a single, i.e. they’re selling at a an average list price of 20g for me.

I bought a bunch of these for 20g-30g per stack at the end of Wrath; unfortunately I didn’t bother buying enough!  I still have perhaps 15-20 stacks left as I have continued to buy these in the 3g-7g range for flipping.

These are also good to JC → DE into infinite dust, which is going for 120g+ per stack on Malygos.

Straight out selling them looks about twice as profitable; however, the market is limited, so slower stack selling is really a reap-over-time approach.  Selling dust as well could move the stuff faster, but then I wouldn’t make as much off my limited remaining stash…

In a perfect world, I would have stocked much more and would be selling both ways now.  Note to self: buy up Volatiles cheep when their price craters right before the next expansion.

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  1. Edit: that’s 4,500g in net sales in the past week.

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