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Relics update No.5

Here’s an update on my Relics of Ulduar project.  To catch up anyone new, the idea was to snatch the market’s inventory and raise the price over time.

All was going according to plan over the summer.

This past month, things have derailed a bit.  Specifically, I’m not selling very much.  There are several things going on.

My approach was to sell a small stack (20) for 50s a piece for harvesting purposes, while trying to sell large stacks (200) for 1g49s+ per relic.  This worked well before, so I had started widening my “list-cheap-to-harvest” and “sell” points to 41s / 1g79s+.  The harvesting part works fine – listing a small stack at 41s is a very effective way to get other folks to undercut and give my cheap inventory.

It’s the higher selling prices that I haven’t had success with: some interloper keeps trying to sell large stacks between 99s and my sell price.  There you can see them sneaking in with a silver undercut.  In fact, they may be picking up cheap inventory like me and simply selling cheaper.  They may be reading this blog.  Grrr.  This is forcing my hand a bit.

That, plus demand has dried up a bunch.  I think. Fewer rep seekers compared with summer.

Either way, the net result is that my profits are flat while inventory has been building once again:

Looks like I’ll be WAY short of netting 40K come December.  Perhaps the plan will pay off just fine, long term.  A silver lining of sorts, since it’s a “forced” sliver of diversification away from cash gold.  And we know how that loses value.

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