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JC bitching

I’ve got more than 80 JC tokens on my maxed jewelcrafter.  However, I haven’t bothered picking up even half the Cata cuts yet.  I’ve been saving for the epic patterns.

I’m not happy with what Blizz is doing with epic gems.

Though I don’t agree with it, I understand having the the gems drop in raids only.  I can understand not having them drop off Pyrite (they haven’t so far, and having them do so would probably make them too common to be epic.)

Part of my beef no doubt is that – with the epic gems dropping only for raiders – they will be in extremely limited supply initially, absurdly expensive and valuable – and hence that will be the bottleneck in the supply chain, so all the profit will pretty go to raiders and not to JCs.

This is because though the gems will be rare, there won’t be a shortage of JCs for any given cut.  By now there are dozens if not hundreds of JCs on every server with saved up tokens to pick up any necessary cuts that people ask for, on the spot.  Many JCs will use their tokens on demand, just so that they can cut for a tip.

The alternative will be to play with fire in the AH, buying the few available gems for ridiculous prices (2,000g-5,000g, anyone?), guessing on the cuts that will allow for profits, then listing them at a prices that compensate for the risk of prices plummeting as supply slowly rises.  Raiders will get all the benefit, while JCs who want to go for real profits will have to bear severe risk.

Because all the patterns will be available on day 1, the setup is like Blizz is saying,

Jewelcrafters, you did all the grunt work, daily questing for months to get tokens and patterns….you’ve earned the right to trip over each other to be servile to raidlollers in response to /2 requests and measly tips.  Now get moving!…There’s a good gemservant /therethere.

An approach that would make me happier would be if they also made one epic gem drop off the final boss in heroics – like Chaos Orbs do.  This wouldn’t flood the market, and it would bring price points on the epic gems down to a more reasonable level, one still high enough level so that profits could get (more evenly) shared between gem seller and gem cutter, and affording users a marginal benefit (+10 on stats) at a more affordable price.

Another market strategy as a JC might be to try to play the Chimera’s Eye market.  With other JCers using up their tokens on epic cut patterns, and with all (not just AH-active) JCers looking to upgrade 3 Chimera’s Eyes each, that might just create a worthwhile pop in demand for them.  If someone started throwing some weight around in the Chimera’s Eye market in the weeks leading up to 4.3, they might be able to do well there for a month.

Still, this could be quite risky, since there are probably a LOT of unused JC tokens out there right now, probably possibly more than enough to leave the market flooded.  And the Eyes will be fairly useless for anything else: no one is buying the ilvl 346 necks and rings anymore.

All in all, I’d almost prefer the new epic gem cut patterns were raid drops.  It would make me less annoyritated, anyway.

What do you think?

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