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All Hail the Arcane

No, not the mage spec.  I’m talking about Arcane Crystals and Arcanite Bars.

I first got into this market when I dipped my toes into making a few Arcanite Rods – other bloggers seem to go on and on about making enchanting rods.  Frankly, for my time, the rod market is mostly suckage.  Though every once in a while, I’ll craft some if they’re selling over 100g.

Aaaaannnd…I should really look at what drives demand for Arcane Crystals and Arcanite Bars.  Shamefully, I don’t know.  Truth is, I’m lazy.    The things sell, in volume at times, and that is ideal: sometimes there is no demand (so I can buy mats cheap!!), and sometimes, they are “gotta have” items.  THIS is the kind of market you want to be in as a goblin.  Especially, markets that shift once or twice a week. That allows you to move product without either running out of supplies or getting stuck with huge inventories.

Check out the pix.  These things continue to sell!  I don’t get it.  There is regular competition out there, but I am still able to pick up stuff cheap (e.g., crystals at under 8g) and sell them at a nice markup (25g as crystals but closer to 50g as bars).  It adds up.

Buy cheep:

And sell dear.

“Ok, so show me the money,” a little voice in your head may be saying.  Fair enough:

Arcane crystals, mostly sold in 6-packs:

Arcanite bars, almost exclusively sold in 3-packs:

Between Crystals and Bars, that’s 40,000g.  And my margins on those are 75%+, easy.

Happy AHing!


  1. I, too, have made a killing in this market over time. Arcanite Bars are required when leveling Enchanting for the rods, and also for turning Elementium Ingots into Enchanted Elementium Bars for those assembling the almighty Thunderfury. Lately, however, I have been losing interest in this market. Not because the profits aren’t there, it’s just that I’ve gotten to a point in my gold-making that I just find the extra hassle and inventory space an inconvenience. Plus, it seems that there isn’t as much Thorium being farmed lately, so the profit margins have been steadily shrinking. I already have around 20k ore that still needs prospecting, so I’ve found my time is probably better spent on my ore backlog. I will still monitor this market, however, so I may come back to it when the time is right.

    • Thanks for the info! I suspected the bars were also needed in volume for a legendary.

      And 20K ore? I am not in your league…I bought 100 stacks of herbs today, which is as much as I ever buy…only so competitors wouldn’t pick it up.

  2. They are also needed for the Sulfuron Hammer. I think it requires 30 arcanite bars.

    Sadly there doesn’t seem to be much demand for them on my server. I chuck a few up now and again, but they almost always end up back in my mail box and there’s a bit of competiton so prices aren’t too impressive.

  3. Well, Sulfuron Hammer requires 50 bars, nevertheless, I use this strategy a lot as well. I sell around 40-50 bars at 45g each per week. Arcane Crystals usually come in at 1g/per and Thorium bars the same. Normally I don’t expect to be all alone in a certain market, but here I seem to be.
    however, this market is as niche as it can come ;)


    • That’s more bars than I’m selling for sure, but I’m a greedy pig and often get undercut by others or refuse to list if folks are listing in the <35g range.

      Mostly nowadays, when I sell I sell as you do, 45g and up.

      Ironically, after I made this post, I sold about 2k worth of bars. Schweet.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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