Musings on minting money on Malygos…and more

Big Bear Butt challenge

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Here’s an old qq post rehashed to meet the Big Bear Butt writing challenge.


The ballad of the auction baron

A tale of joy and woe this be
This story true I tell to thee
Hidden in between its lines
Tears both of joy and sorrow.

A juicy flip our mogul found
An epic cheap, a mere eight thou’nd
He happily put it up for 5k more.

Imagine how his stomach lurched
When o’er the mailbox map he perched
And went from greedy anticipation
About the coin that he’d be makin
To staring in consternation
And babbling o’er the crushing loss.

You see, he’d had the slender, cursed
[Shaft of Five Fat Fingers]
Plun’ged cleanly through
His plumpy avariceum.

The epic sold for 1300.

He smacked his face with pyrrhic torch
His cheeks aflame with shame;
I guess you could say
In a roundabout way
The lost ore struck a vain.


PS: Long time no post.  I have dutifully collected wowflation data every month, though.  Will post soon.


  1. This was great!

    I made a noobkins mistake on the AH a little while back. I’m still ashamed of my mistake. :D

    Was selling some copper ore for 10gp per stack of 5… only thing is, I had put it in Silver, not Gold! /facepalm


    • Probably happens to us all! At least it wasn’t a lot of gold!

      I routinely find ‘steals’ in the auction house. In almost all cases, it’s just people underpricing.

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