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Instanced Guild Houses?

Non-gold post.

Near the end of his post today, Big Bear Butt shared the idea of guild housing, saying it’s unlikely Blizz would implement such a thing because it would keep people from thronging in capital cities.

My only sadness is the knowledge that, so long as Blizzard maintains a stated desire to keep people wandering around in capitol cities so they artificially seem active, vital meeting places thronging with crowds, we’re never going to see guild housing, where a guild could have their own customizable meeting place, a place where their trophy kills could be mounted on walls, and RP meetings could be held.

What if…guild housing were instanced.  Well, not exactly instanced: instead of creating a fresh new environment on the fly, you would step through the swirly Guild House portal into a persistent location.  Everyone’s Guild House would occupy the same spot in the physical world, but once you got there, it would be customized by and populated only by your guild.

For instance, Blizz could evict one of those shops in Stormwind (and Ironforge, and Darnassus, etc.), and simply have everyone’s guild house entrance in the same spot, somewhere near the AH and mailboxes.  You step through the portal….and it’s like walking into Cheers.  With the mailbox, AH, etc., all just outside the guild hall, that area would still be the center of attention, so capital cities would still be plenty crowded.

This way, I for one would actually get to meet many of the newer guildmembers I haven’t yet met and probably won’t otherwise – I’d know everyone inside is a guildie, which would encourage me to check out their toons and meet them proper.  We’d get all of the social glue of a guild location, without any guild having any real estate advantage over anyone else, AND without messing up the game visuals for anyone else.   Finally, if your guild hall is a shithole, you’ll have only guildmembers to blame, and it won’t be an eyesore for anyone else.

Webkinz can do this.  Surely Blizz can.

What do you think?

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