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WoW Goldmaking Quiz, Part I: Resources and the AH

So you think you know how to make money in WoW?  Would you like to take a subjective test to find out if it’s true?  Well, friends, you are in the right place!  This is the first wow goldmaking quiz evar!  Or at least the first ever wowmidas goldmaking quiz…

I’ll post the first five questions today – and with due deference to your immediate gratification needs, I am posting a link to a page with the answers and scoring for today’s questions as well.

Play along!  Keep track of your score!  Use the comments section to share how you’ve done in Part I…or to throw rotten tomatoes.  We’re operating on the honor system here, but if we sense chicanery – and here I refer to the collective ‘we’ – we’ll broom you down like we would a dried turd on a rhino’s bum.

If you do terribly today – and I’m warning, you, this quiz is tricky and devious and may make you laugh and shake your fist at me in anger – you’ll have a chance to make amends on Monday with the second installment!

Oh, and perhaps most importantly, go forth and link to this quiz all over the goldblogosphere!  I’ll be glad you did!


Let’s go…

WoW Goldmaking Quiz,  Part I: Resources and the AH

1.  Making big money

If you really want to make big money, you should

a) Prepare for an expansion or major patch and sell sell sell when demand is crazy high.
b) Spend an hour every day in the Auction House for six months.
c) Research items that are likely to rise in price, stockpile them when/while they’re cheap, and sell when they go up in price
d) Stop buying stuff
e) None of the above
f) All of the above

2. Selling prices

What item will sell for more money?

a) An ilvl 359 trinket
b) Typical Vanilla and Wrath enchants
c) Grey vanilla gear that is popular for transmogrification

3. PvP in the AH

You’re a budding JC/Glyph mogul,” and are still getting your AH toes wet.  You’ve discovered that your server has  at least half a dozen obnoxious people who undercut your listings by one lousy copper across your entire portfolio, with devastating frequency.

However, having to cancel listings, hump (to) your mailbox, and relist bags of items is sapping your will to live.  In a last-ditch effort to stay in your industry, you

a) Check listings to identify your competitors and put them on your friends list so you can see when they’re online, then wait until they log off to undercut them.
b) Get TSM, set it up, and redouble your efforts.
c) Both a) and b).
d) Commit mass crafter suicide, give up the ghost, and rez to go PvP in battlegrounds instead.
e) Wish for option e)

4. The Mailbox

I don’t care if you’re a mass crafter or an item flipper, any self respecting wow seller has lots of listings.  So fill in the blank!

___________ is an add-on that speeds up the collection of mail.

5. Singles or stacks

Is it better to sell items in singles or stacks?

Your answer: ________________.

This is the end of Part I.  Check the answers for how you did, post your Part I score in the comments so we can congratulate mock you, and prepare yourself for Part II, coming Wednesday!

1 Comment

  1. 1. a, b, and c is good for starters.
    2. none really sell all that well. Chants will bring in more gold overall, 359 trinkets aren’t what they used to be and greys cannot be used for transmogrification.
    3. None of the above. Nuke the market until the douchebags leave.
    4. Postal for incoming mail and TSM mailer for sending bulk mail to alts.
    5. It depends.

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