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A simple change to eliminate “crossroads” fighting in battlegrounds

Not a gold post. Just a constructive rant.

My biggest peeve in most BGs is “crossroads fighting.” It’s pretty much an extension of the “squirrel chasing” effect, where players who can’t focus on objectives just chase, challenge out in the open, or do whatever the hell they want. (I don’t play Horde, but for my money, I see squirrel-chasing behavior more often on the Alliance side.)

This behavior is particularly egregious in the “crossroads” BGs such as EotS and Arathi, where the folks hanging out at crossroads may be talented PvPers, but they are unquestionably bad battleground players and lousy teammates. In EotS it is even worse as the flag is just more squirrel chasing, since the team that goes 3-1 during the match for any length of time will almost certainly beat a team that goes for the flag and drops to 1 node (rare is the match that is 2-2 from start to finish). If the game reaches 1400-1400 and each team has two nodes, by all means, battle over that last flag…but that doesn’t happen often. For my money, the flag is a fail strategy 90% of the time.

I have a simple suggestion that would be easy to implement and would markedly improve the crossroads phenomenon and put the kibosh on squirrel chasers.

Some time ago, Blizz gave a boost to honor for those who are defending a node, so that you can see less action but not end up at the bottom of the honor heap when you are doing the right thing and defending a node.

(By defending you are doing pretty much the most valuable activity possible, since a node that you own scores points, whereas a node you are attacking or have just tagged does not.)

My suggestion is that Blizz take their previous change and apply steroids to it:

Double the current honor for HKs on defense – yes, that would give a defender 3X baseline honor (i think defending gives 150% of baseline now, so it would grow to 300% of baseline or 3X).

Nerf honor by 90% (to 10% of baseline) for non-node kills. In WSG and TP, it should be nerfed less, say to 30% of baseline, since there are legitimate reasons for mid activity.  Note that you still get credit for the kills, you just don’t get much honor for them.

Give normal honor for HKs in a node assault (unchanged).

The adjustments would have the following effects:

1. The payback to crossroads fighting would be awful and felt very quickly. Honor on defense would be worth 30X the honor in dumbass locations. It won’t take more than a BG or three for that 17-1 huntard to find himself at the bottom of the honor pile and get with the program. No, it might not eliminate the practice – some players ARE that stupid – but it would severely discourage it.

2. Taking a node would probably get tougher. This would be more challenging, more fun, and would result in more “pitched,” drawn out node battles.

3. The tradeoff between sitting at a node, bored for the whole BG, or go join the fray (which often quickly devolves to crossroads fighting) would take place less often.  Nodes would be busier since they’d be the place where you can maximize honor AND activity.

With these adjustments, it may be worth it to extend the rez timer to 45 seconds, since there would be much more flag activity and defense would probably get better, relatively speaking.



  1. This is easily the best idea for “fixing” BGs I have seen in seven years. If Blizzard isn’t paying attention, they certainly should be. I pretty much quit BGs precisely because there’s no real point to going in and even *trying* to “do it right” with all the stupid duelers on the roads.

    • Kind of you to say! I’m not holding my breath, and I’m certain Blizz doesn’t track my podunk blog. Maybe someone with more pull can second the idea…

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