Musings on minting money on Malygos…and more

July 2012… WoWflation? Not much, recently. But beware!

So, long time no chat.  I haven’t abandoned the game, still puttering away in the AH, just couldn’t muster the energy to write.

I’ve kept up with the data gathering for WoWflation, though I was late for July data.  Just made an imperfect index a little less perfect, I guess.  If you dig into the numbers, you’ll see that even though prices have been flat overall for a few months, there’s quite a bit of variation.

I say “beware” in the post title because now that we have a launch data for MoP, I expect a massive sell off toward the end of the summer.  If the pre-Cata expansion experience was instructive, then people will be clearing the decks / backpacks / guild banks in preparation for MoP, and a ton of mats will flood the AH, driving down prices.  Some of these are bound to grow 10X in value within less than half a year.  They key is which ones, which will have to wait for another post.  Which I may write.  Or you can post below.



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