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WoWflation August 2012 – Watch out…prices spike!

Haven’t seen a price spike like this in a long time.  Up 30%-40%.

Note also that prices have tripled since October 2010, a month and change prior to Cata (just around the last Wrath patch).

WoWflation August 2012

Now would be a good time to note the categories that have given huge returns.  See anything?

Link to full data set here.


  1. I see tailors making frostweave bags in the last month. and possibly new alts being rolled?

    I am surprised that cataclysm mats have only dropped by 4% over the last year. I expected them to drop further as bots rose and demand fell. Remember this next time around; once prices level out they will keep steady. The exception was cinderbloom as scribes started stockpiling for MoP.

    Wrath mats have risen more than anything else as stockpiles were slowly consumed.

    I can’t explain the demand in arcane dust.

    • After the patch dropped (even a bit before), prices went up aggressively. I expect the September prices to be way up. Not sure on Cata mats, though.

      I’m with you on embersilk bags. From a seller’s perspective, AND as a buyer. Though embersilk has never really as cheap as frostweave once was. I made a small fortune selling Abyssal bags during the first 3 months of Cata.

  2. i see an economy in World of Warcraft that is becoming very stretched with supply chains breaking down.

    In part this is resolved by disenchanting or Inks than can convert into all other inks etc. But with each expansion comes another link in the supply chain that is becoming harder to maintain.

    • I think I see what you mean. Mats are becoming unavailable? I’ve noticed that for herbs, for several weeks now there are dozens of herbs simply unavailable in the AH.

      Perhaps it’s becoming a DIY economy?

      I think there will be folks who resort to farming, as long as they think they can sell the stuff. There is no shortage of people who haven’t figured out how to make consistent coin in the game.

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