Musings on minting money on Malygos…and more

Now, a faster mailbox…

I may have been doing it all wrong before, but emptying glyphs or gems or herbs out of my mailboxes used to be a slow chore.  Uzbeki postbox

At least as far as I understood it, there was a one-minute cooldown per 50 mailbox items (an item being a slot that would hold up to 12 stacks).   So even if the 50 items came out in 30 seconds, you had to wait the full cycle to download more.  A /reload trick was helpful, but because it took 20 seconds, you’d still only save maybe 10 seconds.

Anyway, the whole thing was pretty labor intensive if you were going for speed; I found it easier to just leave mailbox retrieval to an afk activity when I had to leave.  Not ideal if you’re an AH competitor, however.

Now, with the new patch, I have noticed that not only are items downloading a lot faster, but the /reload is super-fast, maybe 5 seconds or so in total.  The net effect is to make the mailbox almost twice as fast as before.  600 canceled glyphs used to take an eyepoking 12 minutes  to retrieve pre-5.0.4 – now they can be downloaded in 6 minutes.  Makes it easier to compete.

I suppose that’s good for buyers, and perhaps for dedicated sellers as well.

Speaking of competing: glyph sales this week were pretty good.  I’m a second rate competitor, but still pulled in 40k for the first 6 days post patch.  I don’t focus much on gem selling (I have no automated process and usually just list some once per day), but must have pulled in over 15K on gems also.

Happy AHing!

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