Musings on minting money on Malygos…and more

All I got for Patchmas was an Ink Nerfbat

Ok, so that’s not entirely true.  This is a tale of laziness, woe, and redemption.


Read the “fine” patch notes.  Such a simple thing to do.  And yet I blew it this time around: I didn’t read about the 5.0.4 changes carefully enough.  I should have read Cold’s warning about Blackfallow Ink no longer being tradeable.  My pants are on the ground, man.


Blackfallow was my biggest apparent flockup.  (Did you catch the bit of foreshadowing there?)

I had over two full guild tabs of Blackfallow Ink.  That’s like 5,000 inks (cost: 15,000g and a lot of milling time).

The sad part is that I don’t have much in the way of other stockpiled inks. [Edit: used them all up].  Ironically, I had a post drafted talking all about the urgent need to convert inks before MoP.  Clearly, I didn’t heed my own damn unpublished advice.

My other flockup was spending the last pre-patch hours frenziedly spending my honor points, thinking I might lose them.  Compounding the flockup, I spent thousands on “backup” head pvp enchants lol – what an idiot.

Thankfully, I bought them so last minute that I was able to sell some of them back, post-patch, and get my honor back.

My excuse for these oversights, besides laziness and RL, is that I like to be surprised.  There’s a Christmas-morning like wonder about new patches and expansions.  So I don’t join the betas and try not to read too many spoilers.


Mysterious Fortune Cards. So, I thought I’d be swimming in Blackfallow Ink until the Mists dissipate.  But get a load of this.

These were stacks of 100.  Total take:

All of a sudden, I’m not too worried about what I’m going to be doing with Blackfallow.

But who would buy 700 cards?  They have to be crunching the numbers, or something.  Either way, I’m happy.  Those cards sold for just under 20g each and they cost me 3g and change.

Glyphs.  Long story short, I had about 2500 when the patch landed, and sold (ballpark guess, I was keeping track of revenues) about 45,000g worth the first week – about 1,000 cards at 45g each, give or take.  Considering cards cost 10g to make (correction: used to cost 10g), not bad.

Herb prices are now going through the roof.  A not tiny percentage of my glyph sales were competitors buying mine out at 23g-30g.  I even saw a few go to competitors for 80g.  That was weird.

Ah well, here is a rather abrupt ending to my tale of laziness, woe and redemp…


  1. You can still trade blackfallow ink – even though it’s greyed out it still allows you to trade it.


    “Inscription Ink Cost Displaying Incorrectly

    Inks sold by Inscription Supplies vendors will appear to cost Ink of Dreams. These inks can still be purchased normally with Blackfallow Ink.”

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