Musings on minting money on Malygos…and more

Thanks, readers!

Special thanks to Tara, Handera, and disargeria, who mended my ignorant ways!

I could have sworn I had gotten an error message when trying to use the “TSM_crafting – Buy Vendor Items” button on the vendor – and TSM is still doing some weird thing by not buying all inks (for some reason it wasn’t buying Shimmering Ink for me) – but Blackfallow inks are definitely still tradeable.

After I saw your posts earlier today, guys, I made it a priority to get back to the AH as soon as I could, because I noticed over the weekend that some sellers still had a firesale on Whiptail.  Which makes me think, “Firesale on Whiptail” would be a good name for a porn movie.

And lookie what I found:

I bought ALL of it.  More than 250 stacks. W00t!

Unfortunately, I only have two days to mill, make inks, and flip – will be out of pocket and game for a coupla weeks.  Just in time for Mists!


  1. Awesome! I found some extremely cheap Whiptail after the patch dropped so maybe keeping people in the dark about the ink trading is for the best :o

  2. The whiptail supply on my server vanished right after the patch dropped, but about a week later, they were back at it with endless cheap supplies.

    • Yeah, more did show up on Malygos as well, around 20g/stack this time, but still seems cheap to me, since glyphs are still averaging 40g or so. Over the weekend I also found lots of lower level herbs very cheap as well (6g-12 per stack), and bought everything listed cheap and milled it.

      Happily back to 3+ full bank tabs of Blackfallow. Just need to remember to trade them in prior to MoP!

      The challenge for the whiptail farmers is that at some point prior to MoP, whiptail loses a chunk of its value as there will no longer be time to mill it and trade the inks – and serious scribes should be all set.

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