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Inferno Ink – What to do?

What do I do with all this Inferno Ink?

I did use up a bunch making darkmoon cards yesterday – made about 10 decks’ worth – but I still have a couple of bank tabs full of the stuff.

Anyone have any luck making those new caster and agility staves?


  1. Look at how you would consume rare inks from previous expansions. Generally I can see trinket makers.

    Stockpile some for leveling scribes to be brought it in 12-18 months. Grab cheap volatile life.

    Stockpile some trinkets for leveling toons. Do not hand in all the trinkets yet; some players will use trinkets to grind darkmoon faire rep.

  2. Valid options, yes.

    Card trinkets are one of the few items that drop in value with expansions – people are willing to pay a lot when they are decent or BiS for end game toons, but will they drop 3-5k for a leveling trinket?

    I don’t really see what happened to Snowfall happening to Inferno in the same way, though.

    I only got into inscription with Cata, so my only experience was with Snowfall Ink. Snowfall was different from other rare inks because it was needed for glyph research. Supplies dried up quite quickly with Cata, and even though there was a steady stream of cheap sellers (from some Wrath herb milling), I was still able to patiently sell all my Snowfall Ink in full stacks for ~700g per stack.

    But as far as I can tell, crafting is the only use for Inferno Ink, so I don’t see the Inferno Ink market drying up the same way.

    Will do as you suggest, though – thanks for the good ideas – and see what happens.

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