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WoWflation September 2012: Going out of business sale – everything must go!

No surprise here, folks.  Month over month, prices dropped almost 40%!  Same as when Cata was imminent, prices tanked.

[Unfortunately, this isn’t obvious from the pre-Cata data, because the last reading pre-Cata was a full month before launch, before the fire sale began.  Our current reading (10 September) is just two weeks pre-launch.

Apologies for the weird months selected, but I wanted to give you a chance to look month/month and year/year, and to compare back to the earliest month available, October 2010, before Cata came out.

WoWflation September 2012

Fire sale!

Just in case you’re interested, here’s a link to the full WoWflation spreadsheet.

Good luck with your plans for the launch of MoP, whatever they be!

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