Musings on minting money on Malygos…and more


There is nothing wrong with being a n00b.  But embracing ignorance is a sin.  So if you’re new to the idea of making money effectively, here are some tips to follow.  Most apply to low-level toons, but some are good for all toons.

Have large bags.  You don’t need to have the largest bags available, but please have the largest bags you can afford.  Nothing puts a drag on your earning power like getting loot and having nowhere to put it, or wasting time throwing valuable loot away to make room for other loot, or making extra trips because your bags are so small.

Choose your professions wisely.  Some professions sound great, but you will never make money with them.  Have at least one (preferably two) professions that can make money for you. To get even more specific…

Focus on gathering professions. Crafting professions are generally big money-sinks while leveling, and they are not usually that profitable once leveled.  Take at least one gathering profession – whatever you gather you will be able to sell.

Use the AH!  Trade chat may be entertaining, but it is an awful way of unloading all the loot you get playing the game.  The Auction house auctioneers are your friends.

Ok, now that they most important items are out of the way, feel free to dig deeper into the other sections of the site!

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