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ANSWER KEY – WoW Goldmaking Quiz, Part I: Resources and the AH

1. Making big money

If you really want to make big money, you can

a) Properly prepare for an expansion or major patch and sell sell sell when demand is crazy high.  Yes, this can be a very good money maker, but it is a touch impractical as a sole or even primary strategy.  It not only involves stockpiling, but if you have an adult real life schedule, it might not be feasible at all.  Also, it is subject to potentially heavy competition and the risk you’ll make some bad bets (e.g., too much inventory, blizz nerfs your plan, etc.).  +5 pts

b) Spend an hour every day in the Auction House for six months.  This is useful only if you explore, experiment, take risks, and pay attention – in other words, if you learn.  Just sitting in the AH won’t cut it.  But there is little that compares to diving in and trying to swim. +8 pts

c) Research items that are likely to rise in price, stockpile them when/while they’re cheap, and sell when they go up in price.  As long as you don’t put all your eggs in one basket, this can be a great way to make money and hedge against wowflation. +7 pts

d) Stop buying stuff.  Shutting your purse-hole all by itself won’t make you rich.  However, if you are frugal and make money at the same time, the coin will multiply. +1pt

e) None of the above.  No.  Some of the above are decent suggestions. -5 pts

f) All of the above.  Gotcha, sucka! You can’t choose a) through e), because e) “None of the above” contradicts a) through d).  And d) is a lame answer that got only a pity point for not being 100% fail.  -5 pts

2. Selling prices

What item will sell for more money?

a) An ilvl 359 trinket.  Yes.  +10 pts

b) Typical Vanilla and Wrath enchants.  There are a few twink enchants that go for good coin (I’m guessing), but most enchants aren’t that valuable since people level quickly and don’t care about spending much to enchant their leveling gear, plus the AH is flooded with “good enough” stuff from leveling enchanters, so just say NO. All that, and besides, do you really want to spend time crafting and restocking scrolls?  Pushing the papyrus is almost down there with having to build pyramids. +2 pts

c) Grey vanilla gear that is popular for transmogrification. Trick question!  Grey crap, though sometimes cool, can’t be ‘mogged. -3 pts

3. PvP in the AH

You’re a budding JC/Glyph mogul,” and are still getting your AH toes wet.  You’ve discovered that your server has  at least half a dozen obnoxious people who undercut your listings by one lousy copper across your entire portfolio, with devastating frequency.

Having to cancel listings, hump (to) your mailbox, and relist bags of items is sapping your will to live.  In a last-ditch effort to stay in your industry, you

a) Check listings to identify your competitors and put them on your friends list so you can see when they’re online, then wait until they log off to undercut them. This will get you only so far.  Check each opponent’s posting patterns on The Undermine Journal as well – this might give you the information you need as to what time you can stop working mid-morning to undercut them, and as to when they go to sleep so you can hatchet their listings when sheep leap over their mental fences.  Obsessive you are, but my blessing you have.  +5 pts

b) Get TSM, set it up, and redouble your efforts. Word.  Business is tough, suck it up. +8 pts

c) Both a) and b).  Perhaps obvious, but the correct answer nonetheless. +10 pts
If you also actually thought to yourself as you answered the question, “I would also hire several farmers to ensure a low-cost mat supply,” give yourself an additional 3 pointS for +13 total.  Iff you chose this answer and have actually set up a supply chain including multiple farmers that lasted more than one month, give yourself twenty bonus points instead for a total of +30 pts.

d) Commit mass crafter suicide, give up the ghost, and rez to go PvP in battlegrounds instead.  This can be a wise, time-saving and life-affirming move (other than the part about killing others in battlegrounds).  Truth be told, some people aren’t cut out for the day-to-day struggle of the competitive mass market.  Good for you! +7 pts

e) Wish for option e)  Lazy lout.  Off with thee!  -10 pts

4. The Mailbox

I don’t care if you’re a mass crafter or an item flipper, any self respecting wow seller has lots of listings.  So fill in the blank!

___________ is an add-on that speeds up the collection of mail.

If you couldn’t fill in the blank with the name of an effective add-on, -2 pts.
If you went to the internet  to research an answer, +1 pt.  Give yourself two more points (+3 total) if you found an answer, and two more points (+5 total) if you installed it.
If you don’t have a mailbox add-on installed but were able to name one, +4 pts
If you filled in the blank with a legitimate add-on that you have installed and are currently using, +10 pts

5. Singles or stacks

Is it better to sell items in singles or stacks?

Your answer: ________________.
If you thought “singles” -10pts
If you thought “stacks” -10pts

If you thought “It depends” +10pts


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