Musings on minting money on Malygos…and more

Use add-ons

No, add-ons don’t give you money, but they can make it possible for you to make more, generally by saving you time.

Lots of folks out there use Auctioneer, or other add-ons that speed up the AH process.  Quite a few became “broken” with Patch 4.0.1.  Personally, I never took the time to master Auctioneer, and have long used Auctionator, which I found more intuitive.   Either way, to make best use out of these add-ons, a little time investment is required…but will pay off  in glittery gold over time.

N00b notes:

1. Make sure the add-on is enabled.  On the character selection screen, bottom left button allows you to manage add-ons.

2. For Auctionator, you’ll want to set the default discount percentage, otherwise there will be no default price at all on the auction (i.e., there will only be a buyout price.  for most items, there is a lower price you’d be willing to take, the “bid” price….this is it.  For me, I usually have the default at 66% or so).

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